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By Valerie D. Lockhart
    Choosing the right tax preparation service can be almost as challenging as filing taxes given the number of companies available. But, there’s one company that stands out from among the others, by not only being knowledgeable on current tax laws but also using the Golden Rule in business.
  Maximum Tax Service treats clients “the way they want to be treated”, causing many to leave out feeling like they’re a member of their family.
     “We want to make sure you experience the same thing in every office, a homey warm feeling, as well as being treated with the upmost respect,” says Carter, Maximum CEO. “Regardless of if you’re making $5,000 or $100,000, they’re treated the same.”
     It is that family-like treatment that has spurred the company to grow from operating a small kiosk out of Superior Nissan to running 11 stores in nine cities and three counties. And, clients aren’t the only ones boasting about the treatment received at Maximum Tax Service.
     “They treat you like family. We’re really close knit,” says Shelly Marshall, who’s been with the company for two years and is Team Leader of their Detroit east side store. “When I first started, I lost my Dad. Everyone was really nice. They donated money and sent flowers to his funeral. They gave me the needed time off. Because it’s a smaller company, you’re not just a number here. Mark takes time to learn each person’s name.”
     When it comes to names, Maximum Tax Service lives up to its own by making sure every client receives the maximum refund possible.
     “The fact that we can get our clients back the most money is what I enjoy most about working here”, says Rita Shaba, who has been with the company for three years and is manager of Maximum’s 7 Mile and Meyers store. “We pay attention to the customer’s needs and what they’re saying. Customer service is number one. That’s what we mostly focus on. When a client walks in, they feel welcomed. By the time they leave out of here, we know them on a personal level. They become our friends.”
     Senior citizens are also making friends with employees at Maximum Tax Service.
     “We offer pickup and drop off services to elderly and handicapped,” adds Carter. “We work with Detroit Meals on Wheels. We’ll send someone out to collect their information or go in with a laptop and prepare their taxes. “
     Clients visiting their offices are encouraged to bring identification, social security cards for all individuals being claimed, property tax statements, gas and medical receipts and any necessary records to substantiate deductions. 
     “Everyone’s situation is different, so the best thing is to come in with what you have,” advises Gerald Garaba, Maximum President. “We will advise on any additional documents needed. The basic things to bring is documents on your dependents and any tax statements that you may have received.” 
     To ensure the process of receiving a maximum refund is achieved, all employees are required to undergo a thorough training program that prepares them to be knowledgeable on current tax laws as well as proper interviewing techniques to acquire necessary information for claiming deductions.
     “Everyone, including experience tax preparers, go through the Maximum Tax Service training program,” explains Carter. “Our training is broken down into eight weeks of intense training. We have different subjects covered, just like in a college course. We go over tax laws and everything pertaining to an individual and business tax return.”
     For those who are audited, Maximum is there to lend a helping hand to successfully get through the process. And, three of their offices are open year-round to assist those with concerns during the off season.
     “We are available all year. If anyone needs assistance, we can service them by appointment or they can walk into one of our year round locations,” says Garaba. “During the first quarter of the year, we file their taxes. During the rest of the year, their circumstances may change. Some people may need assistance responding to IRS notices, and some people choose to file late. We’re here to assist them, regardless of their situation”.
     Another service separating Maximum Tax Service from other companies is a benefit that most can’t deliver this year.
  “We’re one of the few companies that will offer same day refunds,” adds Carter. “The IRS will start accepting returns on January 20. Our system allows us to report on January 8 or 9th.”
       Applying the Golden Rule in business, customers are sure to feel welcomed at Maximum Tax Service. 
     “The experience of homeliness, down to earth people, everyone dresses professionally in our offices, and we’re very knowledgeable is what people can expect to experience, when they visit us,” says Carter. “We’re not a fly by night tax service like the ones you see that come up and are gone a year or two later. We’ve been here, and we plan to stay.”

Golden Rule
Maximum Tax Service uses the Golden Rule in business